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5 Digital Marketing Lessons from Biggest Hollywood Blockbusters

A “box office success” doesn’t earn that accolade by pure luck or merit. The main reason people flock to see a new release in such big numbers is largely due to marketing specifically digital marketing.

A heap of cash goes into driving awareness of a Hollywood release and securing its success – nearly as much as possible, if not more than goes into producing the film itself.

The year 2018-19 has been earmarked as one of the glorious years in the history of Hollywood. From giving excellent blockbusters to creating box office milestones, the movies made their way and acquire the admiration of the viewers.

The blockbusters in Hollywood says a lot about the enhancement of business capital with the assistance of online marketing in several ways. There are a lot of lessons, the business enthusiasts can learn from the Hollywood blockbusters of the past two years.

2018 and 2019 have been the memorable years for the movie buffs as it includes the blockbuster films such as Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther from the MCU, the return of Jurassic Park and Mission Impossible, Bohemian Rhapsody, DC’s Aquaman Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, the first of Disney’s classic reboots such as The Lion King, Dumbo and Aladdin, sequels that have been a long time coming such as Toy Story 4 and Men in Black, Fast & Furious’ Hobbes & Shaw and X Men’s The Dark Phoenix.

Such movies have indeed directed the best possible ways and lessons for the up-gradation of business through the basic platforms of digital and social media marketing. Some of the worth explaining lessons obtained from the above-mentioned films are:

1. The Highest Grossing Movie of All Time

Here we shall take the example of Avengers: Endgame. The average promotional budget for this film was $200 million which was the highest amount invested in any marvel movie so far. 

Despite its widespread popularity, the film invested a huge amount for promotion by tieing up with several brands of GEICO, Coca-Cola, OPPO, Google, Hertz, Audi, and Stand Up to Cancer.

The main aim was to appeal to people of various sectors such as teens, multicultural audiences, and families besides marvel fans. The trailer was mainly focused on the characters and scenes of Avengers: Infinity war, thereby not including much about the end game.

Various social media platforms were used for campaigning. Thus the key steps to be remembered here are-

a) Collaborate with various business platforms.
b) Create curiosity and add hints for the new story coming up.
c)Maintain the consistency of the series of stories.
d)Initiate humor and nostalgia in the content.
e)Induce influencer marketing.

2. Timing is Everything: 

Here we shall take the example of The lion king. The campaign included not only the usual mixing of advertisements but also an extensive collection of promotional partnerships and offline appearances. The promotional work was initiated two years before the release date.

The production company even collaborated with several fields such as McDonald’s Happy Meals, Jeep, Google, General Mills, and Pandora including Linkedin’s #JustCantWaitToBe contest.

They also participated in social media influencing by organizing various live events. Thus the key steps to be remembered here are-

a) Use all the channels for campaigning.
b)Proper usage of time for campaigning and starting beforehand. c)Use music to create more impact.
d) Create various scenes of behind the lens, pre-release buzz, etc.

3.An immersive experience: 

Here we shall take the example of IT chapter two. It involved in collaborations with Carl’s Junior, AT&T, Shell, Postmates, and more. The reaction videos of the audience over trailers were spread all over the social media platforms.

A viral marketing campaign features billboards and the stars of It: Chapter 2 being haunted by the red balloon.

Thus the key steps to be remembered here are-

a) Interactive sessions with the audience play a major role.
b) Experiment with different ways to enrich your brand.

4. Engagement is key: 

Here we shall take the example of Fallout. It includes campaigning through popularizing banners, short videos, behind the scene stunt practices by the actor Tom Cruise which created a beneficial effect on the increase of audience.

The more we can reach the audience the more effect it creates. Fallout also partnered with BMW, Uber, GfyCat, and Eurotunnel for promotions.

Thus the key steps to be remembered here are-

a)Emotional connections with the audience are essential.
b) Behind the scenes, footage has a great impact.
c) The message of your videos should be vivid and loud.

5. Play to your strengths: 

Here we shall take the example of Bohemian Rhapsody. This biopic turned out to be immensely successful due to its appropriate depiction of its strength which is the music of Queen. The fans were overwhelmed by the casting choices.

Digital marketing spread the musicals of the movie to intrigue the crowd. Flashmobs, street art, pop out shops were created for promotion. Few weeks after its opening, video of “Live Aid side by side” (real footage vs movie reconstruction) pushed even more people to the theatres.

Thus the key steps to be remembered here are-

a) Play to the strength while campaigning.
b) Digital strategy should be well planned.
C) Omnichannel strategies are the need of the hour

Therefore, digital marketing and social media play a major role in the promotional purpose. It helps the cast reach more prominently to the audience and creates a beneficial impact.

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