What Are The Best 5 Tools For Checking Duplicate Content_

What Are The Best 5 Tools For Checking Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content refers to the identical or similar contents that appear in more the one web page. It is a widespread problem nowadays for SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) because search engines avoid including similar web page answers, as they compromise user experience.

Regardless of whether plagiarised content on a site is accidental or the result of someone cheating blocks of text from web pages, it must be addressed and managed correctly.

It doesn’t matter if we manage a website for a small business or a large corporation; every site is vulnerable to the threat that duplicate content poses to SEO rankings. In some cases, Google can put a penalty on the duplicate content web pages.

When we talk about duplicate content, it’s important to note that it’s mostly an internal issue, as opposed to plagiarizing external content. It can affect digital marketing as well as social media marketing in several ways. Some of the prime factors are:

  • SEO ranking gets reduced, thereby a low approach to the customers.
  • Chances of getting penalized.
  • Decreased website traffic, sales, and leads.
  • Dissatisfied users who were looking to learn more about a topic, like a product and its features.

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There are many online plagiarism checker tools available on the internet. Therefore, the top five best tools used for checking a duplicate content are cited below:

1. Duplichecker –

Duplichecker is a free tool available on the internet. It is the top-rated online plagiarism checker. It is easy to use. It generally avails three plagiarism checking options – firstly, we can copy/paste text; secondly, we can upload a file, and thirdly, we can enter the URL of the web page to check.

duplichecker duplicate content

It checks the file/report thoroughly and finally provides a comprehensive plagiarism report sheet. If necessary, we can also print the result report. In case detected plagiarism percentage, unique percentage, and the related meaning percentage is shown; the content which is to be checked is put on the left column whereas the sites with similar contents are displayed in the right column.

2. Smallseotools

Smallseotools or plagiarism checker is found to be the second-best tool for checking duplicate contents. The main difference between duplichecker.com and smallseotools.com is that smallseotools.com avails only two plagiarism checking options- firstly, we can copy/paste text, and secondly, we can enter the URL of the web page.

smallseotools plagiarism checker duplicate content

Though, if we want to skip the URL while searching for plagiarism, we can do that without any binding. The report provided by the tool contains plagiarism and a unique percentage and accordingly a sentence wise result.

The sentences in the report which are found plagiarized are red-flagged and a compare button is also provided which will display the site that possesses the same sentence. If necessary, we can print the report.

3. Plagiarism Detector

This tool is known as the third best tool for checking duplicate contents. It has several options to check the plagiarism in the content that is by entering the URL of the web page, copy/paste text, and exclude URL.


We can also download the report. The result displayed has unique and plagiarism percentage indicators. The format of the result report has two columns. The entered text is presented in the left column whereas the plagiarized content sentences marked in red are displayed in the right column.

4. CopyScape –

CopyScape is the fourth free tool available on the internet to check plagiarism. It has only one option to check the duplicity which is done by entering the URL of the web page. It is highly beneficial for website managers.

We can check directly if the content of the URL matches with the other web pages or not. If any similar content is traced, it displays a report with highlighted sentences of the copied content. 

5. Siteliner –

Siteliner.com is also a free tool available on the internet to check duplicity of the content. The features of Copyscape and site liner are alike because the site liner also checks the plagiarism by entering the URL of the web page.

siteliner duplicate content

The result report displays plagiarism of the top issues/ pages. Thereby the highlighted duplicate content is presented along with the percentage.

Thereby the highlighted duplicate content is presented along with the percentage.

Therefore, we should check the duplicity of the content with the help of the above-mentioned tools before posting it in our official web sites to maintain the SEO ranking, and receive a fruitful outcome from the company with the help of digital marketing or social media marketing.

Written by: Amartya Dey

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