Instagram Shopping Tool: Boost Your Online Business

Instagram Shopping Tool: Boost Your Online Business

Online/ e-business is the easiest mode of transaction and sales these days. The transformation towards e-businesses is complex and for it to succeed, there is a need to balance between strategy, an adapted business model, the right processes, and technology.

The key component of the business model is the revenue/profit model, which is a framework for generating revenues. Digitalization is very encouraged by the audience nowadays. Thereby, various digital and social media platforms extend assistance to boost your business.

Some of the exemplary social platforms are Instagram, youtube, Facebook, etc. In accordance with, several agencies are also set up across various parts of the country like in Noida, Bangalore, etc for uplifting the concept of digital marketing.

Instagram has become one of the most popular marketing platforms and has also occupied a major pace in the field of branding strategies.

eMarketer forecasted that 75.3% of US businesses will be using Instagram by 2020 and this could be beaten by only Facebook with 87.1% of US marketers leaving all other social platforms behind. Statistics revealed that India is the second largest-leading country in terms of Instagram users (88 million) as of April 2020 after the US with 120 million Instagram Users.

Therefore, Instagram has provided digital marketing services through the Instagram shop. If you want to grow your online business, set up the Instagram shop at the earliest.

What is an Instagram Shop?

Instagram Shop is the recently launched Instagram tool that lets brands and businesses integrate their product catalog with Instagram business profiles, tag products, and promote those products directly via Instagram feed posts, Stories, Explore tab, and the Shop tab. Instagram Shop allows you to save items to the wishlist.

Instagram Shop provides the freedom of tagging products in your posts, which is the same as tagging your friends. When users tap on the photo, they will see the prices of products featured in the image.

Businesses can also leverage product stickers with images, videos, highlights, and even swipe-ups. Its product page features everything that a user or customer wants to know before making a purchase. In a nutshell, you can have your online product store.

How to set up an Instagram shop?

1. Fulfill the Eligibility Criteria for Instagram Shopping-

The following steps are the requirements for Instagram shopping-

a) Your business must comply with the Merchant AgreementCommerce PoliciesAds policiesand Pages, Groups, and Event policies.                                                                                                               
b) Your business must have an Instagram Business account linked to the Facebook page and catalog.                          

c) Your Instagram business account must contain product listings.                                                                                      
 d) A business account must ensure its authenticity.               
e) Your Instagram account must be located in one of the certain markets supported by Facebook Commerce surfaces.                                                                                                 
f) Products must contain the necessary information like accurate pricing, correct description, return policies, etc.

2. Create and Integrate your Product Catalog to Instagram Profile-

Sync your Facebook shopping catalog to your Instagram profile. If you don’t have a catalog, first create it. Once your catalog is created, submit your account for review. Once the review is complete and your account is approved, you will receive a notification on your Instagram app.

3.  Sign Up for Shopping on Instagram-

Once your Instagram Business Account and Product Catalog are connected, you can move on to sign up for Instagram Shopping. At first, you go to Instagram profile, go to settings, and tap on the Business button and then Shopping. When your account for Shopping is approved, you will receive notification for the same.

4. Tag Products in Posts and Stories-

Now you tag your products in your feed posts and Instagram Stories to promote and sell products on Instagram. Tagging products is just like tagging your friends in the post. When you tag products in Instagram Stories, you can tag only one product per story.

How can you promote your product catalog in an Instagram shop?

You can promote your products in an Instagram shop using various strategies such as use hashtags, run Instagram shopping ads, leverage product stickers, etc.

How can you analyze your progress on the Instagram shop?

You must keep an eye on the reviews of the products to analyze your progress and interaction with clients. You can check the number of likes, comments, followers, mentions, engagements, clicks, sales, etc. for better updates.

Therefore, if you did not switch your business on Instagram, do it as soon as possible. Instagram shop tool certainly triggers benefits.


Pinterest Marketing: Ultimate Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business in 2020

Pinterest is an amazing online service platform that allows you to share images with content through social networking. An example of Pinterest is the website where you have a “pinboard” that allows you to post ideas that you want to remember and then share them with your friends through Facebook.

Presently, Pinterest has around 320 million active users per month and the audience count graph is taking an exponential curve day by day.


Pinterest has occupied a major place in the field of content marketing and social media marketing. It has significantly increased the number of audiences and proved to be a beneficial platform for brands to leverage and capitalize upon.

Are you lagging in the pace of marketing? Join Pinterest as it comprises bloggers, brands, and businesses from different fields.

Pinterest is now considered as a profitable option to boost visibility, enhance sales, and realize the objectives of the business. You can grow your business easily with the marketing potentials of Pinterest and promote your brand subsequently.

In today’s world, social media and digital marketing are the foundations of any business company to progress. Content is the driving force for business expansion in social media platforms. Unique and engaging content helps the company to build a relationship with the audiences and attract new customers.

Therefore, some of the essential marketing tips to be followed to boost your business with Pinterest are-

1. Get as Many Charming Pictures as Possible-

The pin will fail to drive the audience towards the company if it does not have charming and fascinating pictures. 

The standard dimensions of an image always give the best engagement on Pinterest. Here, We are sharing a screenshot that is perfect dimensions of Pinterest images to design and get high engagement.

An image from Pinterest (avenlylanetravelDOTcom)

If the picture is uninteresting and dull, it won’t create an impact on the people. The main motive should be to attract the audience and gain their attention by posting as many appealing pictures as you can.

2. Avoid your Pins from Turning Really Long-

Being brief, vivid and to-the-point is the way to have the pin gain re-pins. Your pins should not be descriptive and long-winded as it would repel the audience.


Pin description should be precise with a length close to that of a tweet or just marginally beyond.

3. Include Keywords and Hashtags in your Pin Description-

While writing the pin description, you must keep in mind that the Pinterest search engine should boost your exposure and ranking.


Your intention should be making the content viral. So, write a description and optimize it using keywords and/or hashtags. It would be a cherry on the cake if you also include a call-to-action as all these elements help users identify with your brand faster.

4. Pin More often than You Do-

You should have a clear idea about the fact that more pins mean more benefits. Pining once or twice a day is not enough and to enhance customer engagement, make sure to pin no less than 10 pins per day.

Many brands and business companies have observed that by enhancing the number of pins per day certainly raised the level of profit.

5. Space out Your Pins-

Increasing the number of pins causes benefits but you should take proper care that users are not flooded with pins and get sufficient chance to grasp the core message. Space out the pins and schedule them to reach users over time, gradually and systematically.

6. A Pin with Multiple Images-

There is a great impact of multiple images in the pin amongst the audience. It creates an appealing look, engagement, and interaction with the customers. 

7. Add Text to Your Pins-

Adding text to your pins boosts the level of engagement with your potential customers. Texts create a major impact on your pin. You can also use catchy quotes, headlines, etc to make your text look better.


Pinterest allows efficient marketing strategies for your business to prosper.  It is therefore important to hire social media marketing agency and get the most of this fast-growing and ever-expanding social network.


Google My Business Optimization To Get Maximum Sales

Google My Business: Google has turned out to be the most trustworthy and reliable search engine. Whenever we feel to search for something online, the first thing that comes in our mind is “Google”, even if we have many other search engine options besides Google. In fact, it has proved to be an essential part of our daily life.

According to a survey conducted by Net Marketshare, nearly 80% of all searches which are conducted online are done using Google. Of this, almost 60% of searches are done using mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. If seen from a business perspective, a lot of opportunities awaits to be explored, for which a tool is necessary.

This is where Google My Business for sales generation comes in. It is a free tool developed by Google for entrepreneurs to mark their online presence and local exposure. To achieve that one needs to fill some details on Google My Business (GMB) which is also known as creating listings. Thereby GMB listing can ensure a major profit in the field of digital marketing, hence maximum sales.

How to create GMB listing?

At first, we need to visit the website by making an online search and ensure that the business company is not listed before. We create an account on GMB by visiting and click the ‘start now’ button.


Google will then ask a series of questions regarding the business which will certainly help potential customers to search for your company. We must check our listing regularly because Google may/may not inform us about the alterations made to our business listing.

What are the new features and benefits of GMB listing?

GMB listing provides online presence across multiple platforms such as Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+. The business company can answer queries of potential customers, post contents, track analytics using a solo dashboard. Some of the prominent features and benefits of GMB optimization are:


Google posts- This feature facilitates business owners to draft contents, upload images, provision for adding title which will appear in search results of the potential customers when they search in the name of the company/ organization.

How can we access Google posts?

(a) First, we move to our GMB account and search the ‘Posts’ option on the left side menu. Here, we will also get options for drafting a post of up to 300 words, of which only 60-70 characters will show on mobile and desktop display.
(b) The option also offers the feature for uploading images which should be of high-resolution (JPG or PNG) with a mandatory 4:3 ratio. Thus, the minimum dimension needed is 400X300 pixels, and the size being of 5-10 KB.                                                          

(C) The posts will appear on Search and Maps results and will be removed after seven days of publication.


How GMB helps in the lead generation?

We can add a video of 30 seconds, up to 100MB with a resolution of 720p or higher of our company by the following methodology-

(i) We go to the option for adding videos under the ‘Overview’ tab, and if that is not available, then we can click on the blue + sign to do the needful.
(ii) We drag and drop the video which we would like to add. The maximum time needed for the videos to be displayed is 24 hours.                                                                                                                   

(iii) Once we have added two or more videos on GMB listing, a ‘Videos’ subtab gets displayed in mobile devices. 

Chat/Messages- Company can directly chat with the clients with the help of GMB. However, we need to reply instantly as response time is often displayed.

How can we enable Google Chats/messages?

At first, we find the ‘Chat’ card under the “Home” menu and enter our phone number to enable receiving texts. We then, receive texts even after your business hours.

Appointment URLs- It helps direct appointments between the customers and company, thereby also maintains the rush.

How can we add Google URL?

At first, we enter the URL which is to be added. Then, the best recourse here would be added to the link in the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Questions and answers- A feature of questions and answers between the client and business is available in the Android Phones.

GMB online reviews- Reviews play an efficient role in developing the bond of interaction between the clients and business. It is necessary to reply to the feedback we get from our customers so that their trust in the brand remains intact. Reviews are so popular that 97% of the customers read reviews.

Measure the impact of listing- It is very essential to check the impact of listing in GMB. It can be done by the following checking methods:

(a) Where are people tracing our business listing 
(b) Which actions are customers taking on finding our listing 
(c) How customers are finding us online.                                                       
(d) Where are the customers living, and the number of phone calls and the time at which they are calling?

Service list- GMB offers a service list platform so that the companies can bring to light their services easily.

How can we use the Google Service list?

It is available under the ‘Info’ tab. We can categorize the services, and show the prices of each item as well.

Menu-GMB Business page

Business reviews  It allows 750 characters to be added in the business description. Of these, however, only 250 characters will show up and the rest will be truncated in the Knowledge Panel.


Hence, GMB plays a major role nowadays in the upliftment of business companies by increasing their sale and interaction with potential customers.

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5-Digital-Marketing-Lessons-from-5-Biggest-Hollywood-Blockbusters Social Notebook

5 Digital Marketing Lessons from Biggest Hollywood Blockbusters

A “box office success” doesn’t earn that accolade by pure luck or merit. The main reason people flock to see a new release in such big numbers is largely due to marketing specifically digital marketing.

A heap of cash goes into driving awareness of a Hollywood release and securing its success – nearly as much as possible, if not more than goes into producing the film itself.

The year 2018-19 has been earmarked as one of the glorious years in the history of Hollywood. From giving excellent blockbusters to creating box office milestones, the movies made their way and acquire the admiration of the viewers.

The blockbusters in Hollywood says a lot about the enhancement of business capital with the assistance of online marketing in several ways. There are a lot of lessons, the business enthusiasts can learn from the Hollywood blockbusters of the past two years.

2018 and 2019 have been the memorable years for the movie buffs as it includes the blockbuster films such as Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther from the MCU, the return of Jurassic Park and Mission Impossible, Bohemian Rhapsody, DC’s Aquaman Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame, the first of Disney’s classic reboots such as The Lion King, Dumbo and Aladdin, sequels that have been a long time coming such as Toy Story 4 and Men in Black, Fast & Furious’ Hobbes & Shaw and X Men’s The Dark Phoenix.

Such movies have indeed directed the best possible ways and lessons for the up-gradation of business through the basic platforms of digital and social media marketing. Some of the worth explaining lessons obtained from the above-mentioned films are:

1. The Highest Grossing Movie of All Time

Here we shall take the example of Avengers: Endgame. The average promotional budget for this film was $200 million which was the highest amount invested in any marvel movie so far. 

Despite its widespread popularity, the film invested a huge amount for promotion by tieing up with several brands of GEICO, Coca-Cola, OPPO, Google, Hertz, Audi, and Stand Up to Cancer.

The main aim was to appeal to people of various sectors such as teens, multicultural audiences, and families besides marvel fans. The trailer was mainly focused on the characters and scenes of Avengers: Infinity war, thereby not including much about the end game.

Various social media platforms were used for campaigning. Thus the key steps to be remembered here are-

a) Collaborate with various business platforms.
b) Create curiosity and add hints for the new story coming up.
c)Maintain the consistency of the series of stories.
d)Initiate humor and nostalgia in the content.
e)Induce influencer marketing.

2. Timing is Everything: 

Here we shall take the example of The lion king. The campaign included not only the usual mixing of advertisements but also an extensive collection of promotional partnerships and offline appearances. The promotional work was initiated two years before the release date.

The production company even collaborated with several fields such as McDonald’s Happy Meals, Jeep, Google, General Mills, and Pandora including Linkedin’s #JustCantWaitToBe contest.

They also participated in social media influencing by organizing various live events. Thus the key steps to be remembered here are-

a) Use all the channels for campaigning.
b)Proper usage of time for campaigning and starting beforehand. c)Use music to create more impact.
d) Create various scenes of behind the lens, pre-release buzz, etc.

3.An immersive experience: 

Here we shall take the example of IT chapter two. It involved in collaborations with Carl’s Junior, AT&T, Shell, Postmates, and more. The reaction videos of the audience over trailers were spread all over the social media platforms.

A viral marketing campaign features billboards and the stars of It: Chapter 2 being haunted by the red balloon.

Thus the key steps to be remembered here are-

a) Interactive sessions with the audience play a major role.
b) Experiment with different ways to enrich your brand.

4. Engagement is key: 

Here we shall take the example of Fallout. It includes campaigning through popularizing banners, short videos, behind the scene stunt practices by the actor Tom Cruise which created a beneficial effect on the increase of audience.

The more we can reach the audience the more effect it creates. Fallout also partnered with BMW, Uber, GfyCat, and Eurotunnel for promotions.

Thus the key steps to be remembered here are-

a)Emotional connections with the audience are essential.
b) Behind the scenes, footage has a great impact.
c) The message of your videos should be vivid and loud.

5. Play to your strengths: 

Here we shall take the example of Bohemian Rhapsody. This biopic turned out to be immensely successful due to its appropriate depiction of its strength which is the music of Queen. The fans were overwhelmed by the casting choices.

Digital marketing spread the musicals of the movie to intrigue the crowd. Flashmobs, street art, pop out shops were created for promotion. Few weeks after its opening, video of “Live Aid side by side” (real footage vs movie reconstruction) pushed even more people to the theatres.

Thus the key steps to be remembered here are-

a) Play to the strength while campaigning.
b) Digital strategy should be well planned.
C) Omnichannel strategies are the need of the hour

Therefore, digital marketing and social media play a major role in the promotional purpose. It helps the cast reach more prominently to the audience and creates a beneficial impact.

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7 Free Advertising Ideas To Promote Your Small Businesses

7 Free Advertising Ideas To Promote Your Small Business

Advertising is prohibitively big-ticket, particularly for small business.

1. Create a web site for your business:

Full disclosure: whereas it’s liberal to build a web site (if you recognize a way to use hypertext markup language or alternative code—and there are free tutorials available), you’re reaching to got to pay a touch to host your website.

However, each business desires a web site, thus we tend to contemplate the comparatively low price of web hosting a necessary expense, just like keeping the lights on at your physical location. It’s simply a part of the value of doing business.

2. Read and reply to all of your reviews:

Once you’ve got claimed your business profiles, you’ll be able to reply to online reviews.

This can be not solely polite, it’s essential… and it’s effectively free advertising. once you respond suitably to reviews, you demonstrate to current and potential customers that you just are absolutely engaged within the method of taking care of your customers.

3. Run a user-generated content campaign:

User-generated content is all the fashion currently, and permanently reason. Your customers ought to be your biggest marketers (word of mouth might have emotional on-line, however, it’s even as necessary as ever).

User-generated content shows any potential new customers that current customers are proud of your product or service, creating them additional assured in cash at your business.

4. Comment or answer queries on relevant blogs, articles, news stories, Quora, etc.

If you frequently reply to on-line queries, blog posts, news stories, etc. about your business and embrace a link or information concerning your business in your profile, search engines can begin to envision your business as a valuable resource that has to rank higher in search results.

5. Develop a sturdy social media presence:

You may notice that additionally to the quality web site (which your business ought to additionally have—see #4 above), virtually every notable company nowadays contains a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn account. this can be not inadvertently.

Many purchasers avoid review sites and opt to post feedback and statement concerning your business via social media marketing instead.

6. Send Associate in Nursing email story:

Hopefully, you’ve got a technique to collect your customers’ email addresses. If you don’t, begin without delay.

Email might not have the horny shine of the newer tools afforded by social media, however, it’s still the foremost cost-efficient promoting tool within the little businessperson’s tool cabinet, with a large 42:1 ROI.

Sending a weekly or monthly email to your list could be a great way to push sales and keep high of mind. Plus, despite what you may suppose, the bulk of shoppers truly need promotional emails from businesses they like.

7. Raise customers for feedback:

Don’t be embarrassed concerning soliciting for reviews, however, certify you are doing it within the right method. Don’t provide free products, discounts, or gifts in exchange for a decent review, and ne’er try and “buy” smart reviews from a web company.

Simply let your customers apprehend you appreciate their on-line feedback, and make certain to have interaction with them there once they do.

digital marketing for healthcare industry

How Social Media play a vital role in the Healthcare industry?

Ever-increasing competition, expectations of better service and quick responses are making healthcare providers use social media to build more powerful relationships with patients. As a lack of support and shortage of time often restrict doctors and hospitals from staying connected with patients, social media helps them to fast respond to patient necessities.

As we know that there are many social media platforms like (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Youtube) perform to grow the business & minimize the gap between doctors & patients.

Here, you can get the better information form the doctors as per patient requirements. You can take an appointment without any spent any penny or spent the time. That totally depends on social media.

Here, We will know, How Social Media plays a vital role in the healthcare industry to build a big brand and maintain the reputation of any hospital & Private clinics.

And as a result, social media is improving healthcare:

  • Patients are properly informed as healthcare consumers
  • Bars to reliable online health resources and information are overcome
  • Consumers are more likely to have and handle at least one health app
  • Patients take a more vital role in their own health choices
  • Adults are likely to swap personal health information and expertise via social media
  • Doctors say social media enhances the quality of care delivered to patients
  • Social media teaches and tells both physicians and patients
  • The healthcare system is more clear regarding issues, cost, and value
  • Greater trust follows confident relationships between patient and provider
  • Social media establishes brand recognition and organizational and individual name
  • The time and distance shortens between doctors and exclusive or isolated consumers
  • The advantages of provider work for patients in need is highlighted through Social Media.

How to handle all the above activities to maintain the brand value of the healthcare industry?

Hmmm… this is a major part of this topic, To maintain the Social media presence & function with fast, We’re sharing some important tips –

Handle the patient’s Queries – 

Use social media to answer the patient’s attention and complaints. Complaints can be managed through online societies and discussion forums on Facebook or other social media service provider agency.

Provide Health Information – 

Share blog posts on social media channels like LinkedIn, and Facebook. Answering health-related inquiries through platforms like Quora joins you to an active community and also improves search engine ranking. Digital marketing agency can help you easily create campaigns and build online communities where specialized doctors and patients can interact through Hangout Sessions (webinars and chats).

Start Trends & Create Branded Social Media Campaigns – 

Healthcare brands can use social media channels to engage visitors through online presence on various social media platforms that all activities should perform in a good way or you can go with a reputed Social media service provider or Best Social media agency.

So, Social media has changed the process businesses relate to customers. It has also become the main means for healthcare providers to interact with the public to retain and bring new patients as part of an overall marketing strategy. People buy from people that they know, like and believe.

services provide by social notebook

What are the services provided by Social Notebook?

Digital Marketing Services:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Content Marketing, Brand Awareness, Online Reputation Management (ORM), Website Strategy, Website designing, Social Media Marketing Campaigns, etc.

Graphic Designing:

Logo making, Banner, Daily social media posts, Templates designing, Creative design Etc.

Digital Marketing Training:

Digital marketing training, sessions provide for Business owners, freshers, students, homemakers, etc.

Digital Marketing College Workshops/Sessions (Paid):

Awareness of Digital Marketing, Paid/Free Workshops of Digital marketing, Paid Sessions of Digital Marketing, seminars & Startups Programs, etc.

Website Designing: :

Content Management System, Shopping Cart / Online Ordering System / Online Payments, Event Booking System, Event Calendar, Document Management System, Membership System, Blog / News Management, Business Directory / Listings, Booking / Reservations / Availability System, Social Media Integration — Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, etc. Email Newsletter Mobile-Optimized Website, Printer-Friendly Website, Password-Protected Pages / Client Area, Web Application / Business Software, Mobile Application / iPhone App, etc.

Animated Videos & GIFs:

Animated videos, motion videos, Brand awareness videos, etc.

Others Services:

Followers Increasing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.),