Influencer Matchmaking

Explore the science of collaboration and build relationships

Let influencers be your voice

Influencer matchmaking involves social celebrities to increase your brand awareness, and sell your products. Top influencers can be the voice of your brand that can be heard the loudest among the crowd. It helps you to manage your time better, in every aspect of campaign and build you a strong network and a group of loyal customers. Implementing correct strategies, keeps the target audience motivated and engaged, increasing your conversion rates.


We’ll build you a community through Social Media!

1.Gym Influencer

Promote your gym’s winning mix of exercise and diet, to meet your customers’ fitness goals as well as mental well-being and support their fitness journey.

4.Celebrity Influencer

Sell your services, through influencers with more than a million followers, build a strong trust with the help of an expert opinion and increase conversions.

2.Travel Influencer

Want people to plan a trip, just to visit your amazing place! Collaborate with the influencers to let them know more about your hospitality services.

5.Food Influencer

Directly advertise your authentic food, to a bunch of foodies, by letting them know about happy hour or seasonal menus and keeping them engaged.

3.Fashion Influencer

Make your brand go viral, get to know how eager the bloggers are to interact with your brand and give recommendations to influence purchase decisions.

6.Product Influencer

Endorse your niche product, from influencers who have an expert knowledge, exchange products for authentic content and build long term relationship to boost your sales.

Why Choose Social Notebook?

We, at social notebook know where to find a perfect influencer for your brand. A proper research to engage and motivate your audience We link you to influencer and create creative campaign with long term potential that get people talking and compel them to act. Our experts figure out the best custom and optimal strategies for your business needs that are more, reliable, credible and cost-effective, to deliver exceptional results. Our key takeaways are 

  • We partner you with top-notch niche influencers who have high market value. 
  • We handle negotiation as well as coordination, with transparency.
  • We identify you a suitable influencer and maximum outreach, for successful integration of strategies.  
  • We provide continuous data driven monitoring, to help you achieve your business objectives.