Instagram Shopping Tool: Boost Your Online Business

Instagram Shopping Tool: Boost Your Online Business

Online/ e-business is the easiest mode of transaction and sales these days. The transformation towards e-businesses is complex and for it to succeed, there is a need to balance between strategy, an adapted business model, the right processes, and technology.

The key component of the business model is the revenue/profit model, which is a framework for generating revenues. Digitalization is very encouraged by the audience nowadays. Thereby, various digital and social media platforms extend assistance to boost your business.

Some of the exemplary social platforms are Instagram, youtube, Facebook, etc. In accordance with, several agencies are also set up across various parts of the country like in Noida, Bangalore, etc for uplifting the concept of digital marketing.

Instagram has become one of the most popular marketing platforms and has also occupied a major pace in the field of branding strategies.

eMarketer forecasted that 75.3% of US businesses will be using Instagram by 2020 and this could be beaten by only Facebook with 87.1% of US marketers leaving all other social platforms behind. Statistics revealed that India is the second largest-leading country in terms of Instagram users (88 million) as of April 2020 after the US with 120 million Instagram Users.

Therefore, Instagram has provided digital marketing services through the Instagram shop. If you want to grow your online business, set up the Instagram shop at the earliest.

What is an Instagram Shop?

Instagram Shop is the recently launched Instagram tool that lets brands and businesses integrate their product catalog with Instagram business profiles, tag products, and promote those products directly via Instagram feed posts, Stories, Explore tab, and the Shop tab. Instagram Shop allows you to save items to the wishlist.

Instagram Shop provides the freedom of tagging products in your posts, which is the same as tagging your friends. When users tap on the photo, they will see the prices of products featured in the image.

Businesses can also leverage product stickers with images, videos, highlights, and even swipe-ups. Its product page features everything that a user or customer wants to know before making a purchase. In a nutshell, you can have your online product store.

How to set up an Instagram shop?

1. Fulfill the Eligibility Criteria for Instagram Shopping-

The following steps are the requirements for Instagram shopping-

a) Your business must comply with the Merchant AgreementCommerce PoliciesAds policiesand Pages, Groups, and Event policies.                                                                                                               
b) Your business must have an Instagram Business account linked to the Facebook page and catalog.                          

c) Your Instagram business account must contain product listings.                                                                                      
 d) A business account must ensure its authenticity.               
e) Your Instagram account must be located in one of the certain markets supported by Facebook Commerce surfaces.                                                                                                 
f) Products must contain the necessary information like accurate pricing, correct description, return policies, etc.

2. Create and Integrate your Product Catalog to Instagram Profile-

Sync your Facebook shopping catalog to your Instagram profile. If you don’t have a catalog, first create it. Once your catalog is created, submit your account for review. Once the review is complete and your account is approved, you will receive a notification on your Instagram app.

3.  Sign Up for Shopping on Instagram-

Once your Instagram Business Account and Product Catalog are connected, you can move on to sign up for Instagram Shopping. At first, you go to Instagram profile, go to settings, and tap on the Business button and then Shopping. When your account for Shopping is approved, you will receive notification for the same.

4. Tag Products in Posts and Stories-

Now you tag your products in your feed posts and Instagram Stories to promote and sell products on Instagram. Tagging products is just like tagging your friends in the post. When you tag products in Instagram Stories, you can tag only one product per story.

How can you promote your product catalog in an Instagram shop?

You can promote your products in an Instagram shop using various strategies such as use hashtags, run Instagram shopping ads, leverage product stickers, etc.

How can you analyze your progress on the Instagram shop?

You must keep an eye on the reviews of the products to analyze your progress and interaction with clients. You can check the number of likes, comments, followers, mentions, engagements, clicks, sales, etc. for better updates.

Therefore, if you did not switch your business on Instagram, do it as soon as possible. Instagram shop tool certainly triggers benefits.

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