6 Ultimate Tips To Grow E-commerce Sales By Social Media Social Notebook

Social Media Marketing: 6 Ultimate Tips To Grow E-commerce Sales By Social Media

The concept of Bussiness to customer (B2C) sales refers to a sales model in which the businesses target consumers individually. It is seen that business to consumer (B2C) global e-commerce sales this year will increase by 19.3% to a whopping $1.47 trillion. B2C sales refer to any sale process that can sell directly to consumers at a customized price.

Social media is a powerful platform for communication for business purposes. The financial power that social media can put forward is magnificent. Most of the smart businesses are present in social media platforms. Online businesses can gain a lot if they can manage to convert exposure and consumer interaction to grow eCommerce sales with social media & its Social Media Marketing strategies.

Your e-commerce business needs to prepare a room in the huge buzz of various social media websites. There are several ways and strategies to establish a good connection with potential customers for sales. Some of the important campaigning ideas to be adopted for the growth of e-commerce are-

There are several ways and strategies to establish a good connection with potential customers for sales. Some of the important campaigning ideas to be adopted for the growth of e-commerce are-

1. Host Regularly Updated, Awesome Content:

Facebook and Twitter are the most influential social media platforms for business promotions. It is the best way to get targeted traffic to your eCommerce website.

It is necessary to keep your fans and followers entertained with regular, daily updates. The update should target on daily content to keep the attention of the readers. The time of posting updates of the content plays a major role. Post at a time when your target audience is alert, online, and in a position to take action. Besides Facebook and Twitter, other platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and Reddit are equally important.

2. Engage Business with Your Social Presence:

Social media is the place to build your brand, get greater exposure to your brand, and to improve sales by gaining customer trust. This will help brand recognition, and gain exposure to potential customers for improving sales. Brand exposure and awareness will encourage customers for shopping.

Engage the potential customers by answering their questions, honoring their queries, and thanking them for their feedback. Visiting other business websites will give suggestions to promote your own business. Leverage your connections to help provide greater exposure to your brand and product. You will be able to reach out to professional contacts easily through LinkedIn.

3. Visual Marketing:

Picture/ video is way more impressive and attractive than words. The best way to enhance engagement is by including pictures/videos along with content. It is observed that image posts on Facebook get more attention than text. Pinterest is entirely centered around images.

Online fashion store can hardly be of value if potential customers do not see products. Visual appeals certainly enhance social exposure. Pinterest is an extremely powerful tool to drive visual content.  The chances of conversion become much higher with the increase in visual content marketing. You can approach the social media services of India for assistance.

Instagram is another social network platform on visual content. Creative ideas and attractive images can largely help in creating a buzz on the website.

Micro video content/ vines create a strong visual message from your eCommerce website. Vine is emerging as an efficient pace for visual content popularity.  Video content websites like YouTube and Vimeo are major driving forces and have strong social communities for influence.

4. Encourage Consumers to Share on Social Media:

It is easier to post on various social media platforms nowadays. You should make it easier for people to share products from your website. You can allow your audience to share content and product information from your website to their favorite social network for exposure.

You must encourage your customers to write reviews about your business, either on your site, their social media profile pages, or on websites like Social Notebook.

5. Loosen those Purse Strings:

You can’t progress in business by putting a tight clutch on your purse. Most of the social networking platforms highly recommend targeted and customizable advertising.

For example, Facebook will allow us to choose the region, demography, and gender of the desired viewer. In Twitter, a sponsored spot on Trending topics ensures more visibility on your page. YouTube avails in-video ads and promoted videos to maximize visibility. A Facebook advertisement can fix the percentage of the audience who are interested in your product but don’t often get to see updates.

A strong campaign of advertisements will ensure the maximum participation of the customers. Unpaid social media efforts from your eCommerce site should go hand in hand with a paid campaign and enhance online sales.

6. Crowdfund your eCommerce Business:

Crowdfunding is a new efficient concept in the social media arena. Websites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are helping entrepreneurs uplift business through social channels, and have finances and customers even before a product goes into production.

You can even run a crowdfunding campaign for upcoming products of a new line. Individual artists to large film studios are making use of the crowdfunding to move forward. A social media marketing campaign accompanied by well-placed advertising can generate enough interest in people to make the crowdfunding campaign a success.


An online business can increase the growth of sales through social media channels or hire a digital marketing agency in India, both paid, and unpaid campaigns on these websites. It not only forms a valid relationship with the consumers but ensures a humongous influx of potential customers in the upcoming days.

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