5 Amazing Ways Women Are Making Waves In Digital Marketing

5 Amazing Ways Women Are Making Waves In Digital Marketing

Who run the world?

Well, you will be the one answering this question by the end of this discussion.  

Given the current dynamic in the field of Digital Marketing, less than one-third of the workforce in major industries comprises women at higher ranks doing twice the hard work as their male counterparts. Not only do they face challenges like unequal sector representation, gender pay gap, lack of incentives for phenomenal work, bleak opportunities for promotion to senior positions but also a strict constraint from domestic pressures and stereotypical assumed responsibilities that make it almost impossible for women to make a mark for themselves.

Women in Digital Marketing

But over a considerable period of time, momentous progress has been made all around the globe.

Not only are women breaking through the shackles of irregular expectations of the society and have started to show their presence and importance in the field of digital marketing but also, changed the narrative for better and kicked off the stereotype that only men can be good digital marketers.

Through various surveys, it has also been recorded that women are 12% more adept in digital skills than their male counterparts are

It’s time we celebrated these women for the commendable growth they’ve shown and inspired many like them to go out there and prove their mettle. It is time to commemorate them for their success and their courage to go against the grain.

The Founders:

These are the women who first laid the stepping stones to the bright future of digital marketing for others to follow, be inspired from and learn. These are the only few women, who at the time, had faith in their skills and went out there to make a name for themselves. These are the only few women who comprised of the workforce when digital marketing was in its infancy back in the late 1990s. 

These women paved the way for next-generation women to pursue, grow and better online marketing for it to become one of the most popular means of marketing in the 21st century. 

One such woman is Ann Handley, the founder of ClickZ back in 1997 when digital marketing was just growing to become the new age beast that it is. After having founded it, she sold the company 3 years after in 2000. 

Today ClickZ has grown to become one of the largest digital marketing companies in the world with almost every individual wanting to be part of it. And it was all because of Ann Handley.

Nowadays, she trains marketing professionals around the world about Digital Marketing strategies and the future changes that could come in this industry and rather helps them acquaint for future possibilities\.

It’s not just Ann but so many other pioneers like Madalyn Skylar or Ardath Albee who were the first few women to survive and thrive in this industry and show sensational growth in it as well.


Innovation is what helps an industry grow to its fruition and because of a few spearheaded and trendsetting women, new technologies, important strategies have come to life and today are being followed by everyone. Not only have these led to growth but they also have paved the way for the new age industry.  

Two of the few such trailblazing women are Lilach Bullock and Victoria Barbatelli.

Lilach Bullock made her mark when marketing was mainly offline and marketing which was online at all was restricted to Search Engine Marketing only. It was Lilach who was quick to realize the power of social media as a very effectual marketing tool. 

Lilach Bullock

At the time when no one was focusing on Social Media, Lilach established her business in 2006 tapping into the emerging social media landscape. She leveraged the power of social media platforms to further her marketing campaigns. For this, she has also been acknowledged by Forbes as one of the Top 20 Women Social Media Influencers of the time.

Another such extraordinary woman is Victoria Barbatelli, a Senior Communication Strategist at GoodbySliverstein & Partners. She was one of the members of the team that pushed the first-ever Emoji linked to a social cause through the Unicode Standard. Moreover, it also was coded into Apple and Android phones around the world and in no time changed the world of digital marketing for better.


To be a good digital marketer, the ability to envisage, devise and implement strategies in a core necessity and an important prerequisite. To be in the field of digital marketing as a strategist involves coming up with campaigns and plans and making sure its implementation and smooth execution to reach a specific objective within a stipulated time, as a target.

Women like Beverly Jackson and Lisa Grimm are two such examples of digital marketing strategists who not only did the above-mentioned duties well but also energized and galvanized many to formulate plans out of ordinary and ensure their working. 

Beverly Jackson is the vice president of Social Media Strategy at MGM Resorts International. She handles the social campaign for the company by strategizing campaigns, cost-effective marketing budgets and delegating responsibilities. Another such woman is Lisa Grimm, Associate Director at Whole Foods Marketing who is responsible for developing a data-driven approach to social media strategy. Her dexterity has made her qualified enough to manage 12 million people on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. who are associated with Whole Foods.


There was a time when print media was the sole means of marketing a brand, their serves, etc. But in today’s time with the exceptional growth in digital marketing, print media has lost its importance and charms when one can influence masses only at the tap on their smartphones or computers. Many newspapers and publications are even shutting down because of the digital onslaught.

In these times, when it is rather next to impossible to survive in the digital world, many print media houses are trying to adapt to the digital media world and are motivating and improvising transition into it as well. 

One such disruptor is Samantha Barry who earlier worked as an executive producer for social media and emerging media at CNN. Having worked there for a considerable duration, she moved to Glamour Magazine as the new Editor-In-Chief and was responsible for taking the print-focused publication into the digital age and modernize and increase its reach and following. After having done that, Glamour Magazine’s YouTube channel subscribers doubled and it was nothing but a successful growth into the new age…

Social Media Experts:

As many say and according to what has been proven through experience as well, women make up to be more proficient in understanding social media behavioral patterns, ongoing trends and the right kind of marketing campaigns to increase reach and following. Considering this, more than 70% of social media influencers are women and their expertise has made social media a new sensation in the field of digital marketing. Two such social media experts are Jody Cook and Amy Vernon.

Social media icons

Jodie Cook, an electrifying and influential woman, launched her company JC Social Media in 2011 when she was just 22 years old. According to her social media marketing and exposure gives an advantage of a brand over others. Moreover, she has also published a book named Winning at Social Media and encouraged many to go forward and win at it.

Another such exceptional woman is Amy Vernon, one of the most acknowledged social media strategists in the world. Because of her remarkable contribution to the field of Social Media Marketing, she’s been featured in the New York Times, WSJ, and Forbes, etc. Currently, she offers her services as a speaker and consultant at events like Social Media Week, SXSW Interactive, etc.


The real heroes are those who go out there and share their experiences, impart knowledge and educate young minds to revolutionize the future generations. Many such heroes are found in the digital marketing industry as well wherein well-learned women contributed to the field and the society by becoming educators like Kathryn Tyler/Nikki Cochrane and Amy Porterfield.

digital marketer trainer

In 2013, Katherine Tyler and Nikki Cochrane launched Digital Mums which offered social media training courses to women online, thus empowering and instilling confidence in them to become freelance digital marketers. Ever since 2013, they have trained more than 300 women and 85% of them have been employed thus showing how they’ve inspired and pushed women to get out of their houses and do their best. 

Like Tyler and Cochrane, Amy Porterfield who is a marketing expert, author and educator has trained more than 250,000 entrepreneurs. Amy connects with her audience through a popular podcast and proves that it is women who push each to do their best. It is because of such encouraging women that others have gotten the courage to break out of narrow parochial walls and show the world what they are made of.

The GenX:

Taking forward the examples set by the women before them, young women have taken up the job to outdo their age and prove that age is just a number and show one’s mettle, a person just needs sheer skill and determination. A few of such young women digital marketers under 30 are Rachel Argyle, Casey Bird, Kara Bridson, and Stephanie Alys.

Rachel Argyle, the Global Marketing Director at Digital Marketing Institute strategizes plans, communicates and handles media relations for her clients.

Similarly, Casey Bird, the President of SheSays rebuilt the mentor scheme named “Who’s Your Momma”.

Kara Bridson, a Designer and an Art Director at Media Bounty handles all the art-related projects and comes up with campaigns that enhance the aesthetic pleasure of the viewers.

And finally, Stephanie Alys, the Co-Founder at Mystery Vibe focuses on human-centered design in the area of sexual health products.

These are the only few women out of the various inspirational figures around us. Look around and praise the courage these women have shown and instill such confidence in you. Remember, it is you who can change things for yourself and it is you who is capable of changing the narrative, today. Well, I guess, you surely can understand the answer of the question I asked at the beginning of this discussion.

Beyoncé said it and so will we, Who Run The World? Girls.

5 Important Tips to Consider While Choosing a Digital Marketing Institute

Digital marketing course is acquiring all the aspects of the youth interest. Consistently every second student wants to seek after it is as a career. This cutting edge course is in hype, as it offers different opportunities and opens different entryways.

While seeing the interest and interest, numerous digital preparing foundations have tried out the market. For students, it could be difficult to choose the best Institution, so before choosing them, simply they should focus on some essential points.

Course Curriculum: 

You should realize what is included in the syllabus, as it helps you to have an idea about the organization, as the syllabus ought to be structured according to the time and industry. The course should cover a wide syllabus that it ought to be advantageous for the future.

Meet your trainer:

Know about the trainer and if conceivable meet him, as your improvement of the skills relies on him. As digital marketing is all about the Practical knowledge application and managing the real world, it is essential that a trainer ought to have the practical knowledge. Also, you need to have a strong relationship with the trainer like the Lamp and the wick and not like snake and Mongoose.

Alumni Connects:

Look at the alumni profile of the Institution or a company, try to connect with them. This will give you an idea that how your institution and alumni are making a mark in this marketing sector. Most important thing is that they will provide you experience and can also help in arranging job interviews for you as marketing is also about networking.


In the digital era, there are many platform provides free or paid certificates, these certificates will not provide the success, your practical work with a digital marketing agency, provide job. Make sure that the institute or company is registered and you get the certified training letter as it will help to boost your resume.

Some institutes provide the float misunderstanding and provide the certificates of Facebook, Google, and other certificates to disturb your mind. Beware of these institutes which claim to give these certificates. Certificates doesn’t provide the job, this is only done by an agency or practical knowledge. 

There are many companies or agencies provide digital marketing courses in Noida with assured job on the basis of practical exposure.

Clarity about your Interest:

It is really essential that you should know about your interest as the digital marketing field is wide. There are numerous options. The course offers you many options such as SEO, SEM, SMM, Affiliate marketing, Email marketing, Web analytics, etc. So before registering yourself, just determine your interest.

Last but not least it’s you who has to take up the course. If you think that you will be able to survive in this sector then the digital marketing institute in Noida will help to climb on a ladder.