Google My Business Optimization To Get Maximum Sales

Google My Business: Google has turned out to be the most trustworthy and reliable search engine. Whenever we feel to search for something online, the first thing that comes in our mind is “Google”, even if we have many other search engine options besides Google. In fact, it has proved to be an essential part of our daily life.

According to a survey conducted by Net Marketshare, nearly 80% of all searches which are conducted online are done using Google. Of this, almost 60% of searches are done using mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. If seen from a business perspective, a lot of opportunities awaits to be explored, for which a tool is necessary.

This is where Google My Business for sales generation comes in. It is a free tool developed by Google for entrepreneurs to mark their online presence and local exposure. To achieve that one needs to fill some details on Google My Business (GMB) which is also known as creating listings. Thereby GMB listing can ensure a major profit in the field of digital marketing, hence maximum sales.

How to create GMB listing?

At first, we need to visit the website by making an online search and ensure that the business company is not listed before. We create an account on GMB by visiting and click the ‘start now’ button.


Google will then ask a series of questions regarding the business which will certainly help potential customers to search for your company. We must check our listing regularly because Google may/may not inform us about the alterations made to our business listing.

What are the new features and benefits of GMB listing?

GMB listing provides online presence across multiple platforms such as Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+. The business company can answer queries of potential customers, post contents, track analytics using a solo dashboard. Some of the prominent features and benefits of GMB optimization are:


Google posts- This feature facilitates business owners to draft contents, upload images, provision for adding title which will appear in search results of the potential customers when they search in the name of the company/ organization.

How can we access Google posts?

(a) First, we move to our GMB account and search the ‘Posts’ option on the left side menu. Here, we will also get options for drafting a post of up to 300 words, of which only 60-70 characters will show on mobile and desktop display.
(b) The option also offers the feature for uploading images which should be of high-resolution (JPG or PNG) with a mandatory 4:3 ratio. Thus, the minimum dimension needed is 400X300 pixels, and the size being of 5-10 KB.                                                          

(C) The posts will appear on Search and Maps results and will be removed after seven days of publication.


How GMB helps in the lead generation?

We can add a video of 30 seconds, up to 100MB with a resolution of 720p or higher of our company by the following methodology-

(i) We go to the option for adding videos under the ‘Overview’ tab, and if that is not available, then we can click on the blue + sign to do the needful.
(ii) We drag and drop the video which we would like to add. The maximum time needed for the videos to be displayed is 24 hours.                                                                                                                   

(iii) Once we have added two or more videos on GMB listing, a ‘Videos’ subtab gets displayed in mobile devices. 

Chat/Messages- Company can directly chat with the clients with the help of GMB. However, we need to reply instantly as response time is often displayed.

How can we enable Google Chats/messages?

At first, we find the ‘Chat’ card under the “Home” menu and enter our phone number to enable receiving texts. We then, receive texts even after your business hours.

Appointment URLs- It helps direct appointments between the customers and company, thereby also maintains the rush.

How can we add Google URL?

At first, we enter the URL which is to be added. Then, the best recourse here would be added to the link in the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Questions and answers- A feature of questions and answers between the client and business is available in the Android Phones.

GMB online reviews- Reviews play an efficient role in developing the bond of interaction between the clients and business. It is necessary to reply to the feedback we get from our customers so that their trust in the brand remains intact. Reviews are so popular that 97% of the customers read reviews.

Measure the impact of listing- It is very essential to check the impact of listing in GMB. It can be done by the following checking methods:

(a) Where are people tracing our business listing 
(b) Which actions are customers taking on finding our listing 
(c) How customers are finding us online.                                                       
(d) Where are the customers living, and the number of phone calls and the time at which they are calling?

Service list- GMB offers a service list platform so that the companies can bring to light their services easily.

How can we use the Google Service list?

It is available under the ‘Info’ tab. We can categorize the services, and show the prices of each item as well.

Menu-GMB Business page

Business reviews  It allows 750 characters to be added in the business description. Of these, however, only 250 characters will show up and the rest will be truncated in the Knowledge Panel.


Hence, GMB plays a major role nowadays in the upliftment of business companies by increasing their sale and interaction with potential customers.

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