Pinterest Marketing: Ultimate Marketing Tips To Boost Your Business in 2020

Pinterest is an amazing online service platform that allows you to share images with content through social networking. An example of Pinterest is the website where you have a “pinboard” that allows you to post ideas that you want to remember and then share them with your friends through Facebook.

Presently, Pinterest has around 320 million active users per month and the audience count graph is taking an exponential curve day by day.


Pinterest has occupied a major place in the field of content marketing and social media marketing. It has significantly increased the number of audiences and proved to be a beneficial platform for brands to leverage and capitalize upon.

Are you lagging in the pace of marketing? Join Pinterest as it comprises bloggers, brands, and businesses from different fields.

Pinterest is now considered as a profitable option to boost visibility, enhance sales, and realize the objectives of the business. You can grow your business easily with the marketing potentials of Pinterest and promote your brand subsequently.

In today’s world, social media and digital marketing are the foundations of any business company to progress. Content is the driving force for business expansion in social media platforms. Unique and engaging content helps the company to build a relationship with the audiences and attract new customers.

Therefore, some of the essential marketing tips to be followed to boost your business with Pinterest are-

1. Get as Many Charming Pictures as Possible-

The pin will fail to drive the audience towards the company if it does not have charming and fascinating pictures. 

The standard dimensions of an image always give the best engagement on Pinterest. Here, We are sharing a screenshot that is perfect dimensions of Pinterest images to design and get high engagement.

An image from Pinterest (avenlylanetravelDOTcom)

If the picture is uninteresting and dull, it won’t create an impact on the people. The main motive should be to attract the audience and gain their attention by posting as many appealing pictures as you can.

2. Avoid your Pins from Turning Really Long-

Being brief, vivid and to-the-point is the way to have the pin gain re-pins. Your pins should not be descriptive and long-winded as it would repel the audience.


Pin description should be precise with a length close to that of a tweet or just marginally beyond.

3. Include Keywords and Hashtags in your Pin Description-

While writing the pin description, you must keep in mind that the Pinterest search engine should boost your exposure and ranking.


Your intention should be making the content viral. So, write a description and optimize it using keywords and/or hashtags. It would be a cherry on the cake if you also include a call-to-action as all these elements help users identify with your brand faster.

4. Pin More often than You Do-

You should have a clear idea about the fact that more pins mean more benefits. Pining once or twice a day is not enough and to enhance customer engagement, make sure to pin no less than 10 pins per day.

Many brands and business companies have observed that by enhancing the number of pins per day certainly raised the level of profit.

5. Space out Your Pins-

Increasing the number of pins causes benefits but you should take proper care that users are not flooded with pins and get sufficient chance to grasp the core message. Space out the pins and schedule them to reach users over time, gradually and systematically.

6. A Pin with Multiple Images-

There is a great impact of multiple images in the pin amongst the audience. It creates an appealing look, engagement, and interaction with the customers. 

7. Add Text to Your Pins-

Adding text to your pins boosts the level of engagement with your potential customers. Texts create a major impact on your pin. You can also use catchy quotes, headlines, etc to make your text look better.


Pinterest allows efficient marketing strategies for your business to prosper.  It is therefore important to hire social media marketing agency and get the most of this fast-growing and ever-expanding social network.