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Video Marketing Trends In 2020: Move Your Business Online

Business is the field in which success completely depends on the enhancement of customer count and customer retention. Today, the world is running on the fast track of modification and modernization. To get the equivalent benefit, we have to run on the same track.

Therefore, it is highly recommendable for business companies/ brands to convert their business from offline to online. This is because moving businesses online will attract customers worldwide, attract potential customers, and easy communication.

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Converting businesses online will certainly increase revenues and more than that, setting up a website for a business will practically mean the company will be open 24/7 and visitors can make purchases at any hour if it is an e-commerce website.

Moving a company online does not mean shutting down the traditional one, it will simply lead to increased visibility in this very demanding market. One of the greatest advantages of moving your business online is reducing certain costs.

This includes costs of storage spaces: through an online business, one can simply arrange to have the products sent directly from the supplier to the client. This will also allow for faster delivery and less paperwork for the online business owner. Keeping in touch with customers and receiving feedback from them is much harder when having a traditional brick and mortar business only.

Operating an online business, on the other hand, will improve this part of the business and thus increase its credibility. Moreover, having a great customer support component will attract more clients in time. Having an online business or moving a traditional company online definitely comes with several advantages, among which flexibility is one of the most important.

Nowadays video marketing seems to be one of the most efficient methods to make the online business viable and reach better heights. Maximum business companies now include video marketing as an important aspect of their marketing strategies. Be it online education, promotion of services, boosting sales, or how to use new products, video marketing has changed the way of business communication.

Statistics by the Rutz Roberts Productions, one of the most popular video marketing firms in the US, figure out:

a) Video marketing will draw more than 80 percent of internet traffic across the world by 2020.

b) Embedding video in email marketing campaigns results in a rise in click-through rate by 200-300 percent.

c) Including video in landing page content can increase conversion rate by 80 percent.

The positive impact of video marketing for business growth has led to some important video marketing trends that we see today. Some of the features are- 

1. Live streaming services-

Live streaming video technology is getting increasingly popular worldwide not only because of their unadulterated nature but also because of them being comparatively cheaper. The live videos can be created anywhere at any time, thereby, discarding the need for any primary investment or additional expenditure. The video can be uploaded and retained on the company’s website for promotional purposes.

2. Videos for learning-

Video marketing provides online education which is popularly known as e-learning. This method frees you from the cage of sitting in a classroom with fixed timing. E-learning incorporates necessary training material into videos that are informative and effective. Video lectures allow students to understand with practical visuality.

3. Videos are in sync with devices we use-

People now view the internet on their mobiles than on their laptops and desktop devices. The design and production of videos are different from what we have experienced earlier on our screens. The shapes and sizes of our mobile and tablet screens now dictate the shape of the videos that are made these days. 

4. Vlogging – the new art of blogging-

Virtual reality technology used in videos embedded within the blog lends a marketing appeal to its customers that help vloggers to earn money through their blogs. Thus, it proves to be an effective tool for video marketing for business growth


Video marketing techniques have brought a beneficial impact on the business. It enables a personal approach to the customers leading to an increase in popularity among other marketing tools and strategies.

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