Why should you choose digital marketing

Why should you choose Digital Marketing?

In this Tech-savvy era, we are surrounded by the whims and fancies of ‘Social Media’ and the concept of ‘Digitization’. The rise in the production of smartphones and the depreciation in the cost of data packs have borne the rise in crowd over digital platforms.

Today, each of us begins our days with notification of bell and it seems as if that bell has become our lullaby too as we sleep by it only. One cannot even imagine their lives without a smartphone, internet, or social media.

The hype and craze of social media and its influences have drastically affected our lifestyles and our own outlook in the world. People today, especially the ‘GEN- X’ has adopted the trending hash-tags as a genuine part of their daily usage to barter more and more likes through their personal or professional social media accounts.

Now, with this requisition has arisen a platform full of ‘influencers’ and ‘want to be influencers’ giving rise to a prevailing synonymous term called ‘Digital Marketing’ which is as defined by Wikipedia “ The marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display, and any other digital medium.”

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With almost 462 Million of the Indian population using the internet and smartphones with several socializing applications, the marketing sector is eyeing these platforms as a treat to raise their sales and profit. For them, their task of promoting their companies, products or schemes have become easier yet more effective via displays or ads over such actively participated platforms. This practice has gathered a huge support in the market and people are investing more to bring up their companies organically through digital platforms. Their ads are gaining views and leads and people are visiting their company’s pages which is smoothening its growth superficially.

Their ads are gaining views and leads and people are visiting their company’s pages which is smoothening its growth superficially.

A Story for an example –

“Aman recently completed his graduation and thought of expanding his father’s business. He had put in a lot of effort to advertise and develop his father’s business in the market. He spent a bulk fee to print banners, cards, and posters; he had even opted for a radio advertisement thinking to get a huge response by people. Months passed but nothing really blazed his company’s fate.

He was shocked as to how nothing worked. He then was reminded of his classes over digital advertisement; hence he created his company’s page and uploaded a few pictures. He then promoted it via his personal social media handle and it worked, people paid visits to his company’s page and his customers grew well in number.”

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This story reveals to us that how ‘Traditional Marketing’ being lesser effective is still chosen dominant over Digital Marketing in certain parts of India even today. It’s not just Aman but India even today has people like Aman who believe in Digital marketing only after seeing a fall through The Traditional Methodologies of marketing.

These Traditional adoptions not just bear you a huge budget but are even unable to fetch you a good lump of follow-ups or customers. Banners, posters or cards could only reach a handful of people and offered a small radius to be covered; radio or television advertisements weren’t feasible to all.

On the contrary, Digital Marketing offers huge advertisement coverage and follows through a budget-friendly method. Also, Digital Marketing fetches you a quick response unlike months and years of settling a business through Traditional Marketing. Not only promotion but with this doomed evolution of Digitization people have generated more employment for the youth of today; the concept of start-ups have concreted the sails among the youth to be their own masters.

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Digital marketing came into account hand in hand with the concept of internet and web portals. The evolution of Digital Marketing since the 1990s and 2000s to till today has seen a major change due to the potent growth of users and operators over digital platforms.

Digital Marketing methods such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), content marketing, e-commerce marketing, influencer marketing, campaign marketing, social media marketing etc have become prevalent and efficient. By now, Digital Marketing has emerged as a boost with the potential of getting a network of customers in not just India but globally as well. Customers today research online and then buy products via their reviews and ratings.

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The story of ‘Aman’ could end on a happy note only because he had knowledge about the digital world, but there are people in India who still need guidance over digital platforms and marketing. With this growth of public surviving on and through digital platforms, several others are still struggling to tackle the basics of such digitized pacts.

Hence, to cope with this several institutions have come up with digital marketing training courses as a rescue to them.

Hitherto, by and large, a lot of people are turning towards incorporating themselves in such threads of learning. These digital marketing training sessions have made digital marketing an easier tactic for people and they can engage themselves with more ventures of the digital world. People from every walk of life indivisible of their age, sex or occupation have prominently opted for such courses.

Hence digital marketing has not just imbibed its presence but helped several other sectors of education, media, communication and fashion counter a worthy widespread. With this evident turning of people towards digitization through ‘Digital India’ ventures, India is ready to place its humongous imprint in the Digital Sector through a few decades.

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